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Consumer Research: Positive Outlook for Hong Kong’s Digital Insurance Market, according to IXT

Press Release Oct 05, 2022


保險科技公司 IXT 最新數據顯示 逾半數受訪者有意於網上投保

跨國保險科技公司 IXT 近日發布香港保險產業消費者調研報告,概述數碼時代下的市場成長前景和網上投保趨勢。自新冠疫情以來,許多保險用戶因生活型態改變而開始積極使用數碼服務。而受到本地和全球變化的影響,香港消費者也正逐步轉變生活方式,優先考量身體、心理和財務健康。由於香港為全球最成熟的保險市場之一,保險公司有充分能力應對這些不斷變化的消費者需求,通過數碼轉型和產品創新推進業務。

IXT 戰略副總裁 Michelle Ip 表示:「香港在過去數年內經歷不少挑戰,市場不確定性也有所提升。但保險業依舊挺立並發展強勁,再次證明其身為金融要塞的地位。因此,我對數碼世界帶來的機遇感到十分興奮,也相信今次報告對於計畫在香港開展業務或擴張業務版圖的保險公司來說,很有參考價值。」


  1. 最受港人歡迎的溝通渠道是應用程式和社交媒體網站,與數碼時代下盛行的網上溝通習慣互相呼應。
  2. 76% 的受訪者於過去一個月內曾進行網上購物,顯示通過數碼渠道購買保險產品的新商機
  3. 受訪者最偏好網上購買的三種保險產品為醫療保險(10.0%)、儲蓄/投資保險(9.6%)和旅遊保險(9.4%)
  4. 過半受訪者會通過網站或應用程式,從保險公司或保險生態系統中的其他分銷渠道網上購買保險
  5. 針對保險公司使用個人數據提供具個人化的建議,有近五成受訪者抱持中立態度。
  6. 品牌信譽(14.7%)是購買保險產品最重要的考量因素。


Consumer Research: Positive Outlook for Hong Kong’s Digital Insurance Market, according to IXT

Data shows more than half of the respondents would buy insurance online

IXT, a global insurtech company, has recently released a consumer research report on Hong Kong’s insurance market, outlining the positive growth prospects and consumer trends coming up with the digital era.

Since the pandemic, new users who started their online journeys out of necessity are now actively seeking digital services. At the same time, as a result of the local and global changes impacting Hong Kong, consumers are rethinking their lifestyle choices to prioritize their physical, mental, and financial well-being. Having one of the most mature insurance markets in the world, Hong Kong insurers are perfectly positioned to address these changing consumer needs and evolve their business through digitalization and product innovation.

“In the past three years, Hong Kong has experienced several bouts of volatility and uncertainty, but the insurance industry has come through stronger, once again proving itself as a financial powerhouse. I am, therefore, incredibly excited by the opportunities the digital world has set ahead of us, and I believe a report like this will be a great starting point for insurers trying to launch in Hong Kong or expand there,” said Michelle Ip, IXT Vice President of Strategy.

Some of the key takeaways from the report are:

  1. The most preferred communication channels are messaging apps and social media sites, echoing the prevalence of online communication in the digital era. 
  2. 76% of respondents shopped online in the previous month, highlighting the emerging opportunity for insurance products to be purchased through digital channels.
  3. Among the mainstream insurance products, respondents are most interested in purchasing the following top 3 insurance products online: medical (10.0%), savings/investment-related (9.6%), and travel (9.4%).
  4. 51% of respondents would buy insurance online from insurers or other distribution channels in the insurance ecosystem through websites or apps.
  5. Around 50% of respondents are neutral towards insurers using their personal data to provide customized recommendations.
  6. Brand reputation (14.7%) is the most important factor for purchasing insurance products.

Read the full report here.