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Streamline end-to-end policy lifecycle management to boost operational efficiency

Key Benefits
  • Drive Operational Efficiency
    Manage policies across their entire lifecycles – from quotation and issuance to renewal or termination.
  • Increase Business Agility
    Automate renewal applications, policy reminders and other administrative tasks eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing operational costs.
  • Enable Data-Informed Decision Making
    Uncover data insights with policy dashboards to monitor business growth, profile customers and identify new opportunities.
Key Features
  • Streamlined Approval Workflow
    Easily make changes on even the most complex cancellation, lapsation and recission cases with streamlined workflows and configurable refund calculation rules.
  • Underwriting Automation
    Streamline underwriting and policy issuance by configuring automated underwriting rules.
  • Analytics Dashboard and Report
    Drill down on policy-specific business intelligence to make informed decisions on what products to offer.
  • Insured Risk Profile
    Increase case management effectiveness with a complete view of an insured subject's underwriting risk factors.
  • Auto Renewals
    Manage renewals with ease using IXT's built-in automation logic.
  • Complete Activity History
    Ability to view all policy activity history and stay on top of all policy changes.