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The Insurance Enterprise Results Platform

The IXT platform offers a suite of solutions to launch innovative products, enhance operational agility, and enable real-time, on-demand digital customer experiences.

The IXT Advantage
  • Speed and Agility
    The key to innovation is organizational agility. Our efficient platform, together with a collaborative approach to business, helps you promptly respond to market changes for quick wins.
  • Discover New Value
    Ready-to-use APIs allow you to integrate with legacy systems, external partners, and custom applications, to easily open new businesses and drive better customer experience.
  • Top-Notch Security
    Our world-class cybersecurity team provides robust vulnerability scanning tools integrated into our platform, ensuring the highest level of security to mitigate risks and protect your data.
The IXT Difference
  • Empowered InsurOps
    Though capable of facilitating complex workflows, our platform is intuitive and easy to use. We incorporate a persona-based design to offer tailored experiences for different roles to get things done.
  • Super-Charged Teams
    The IXT platform offers collaboration tools such as internal remark, approval workflow and activity logs to facilitate effective cross-functional team alignment and project delivery.
  • Insurance + Technology Expertise
    We adopt latest technology and know insurance inside out. With our sister company's experience as a pioneering virtual insurer, we are able to build products that meet the new insurance market needs.
Launch Initiatives.
Engage Customers.
Connect Partners.
Grow Businesses.
IXT enables you to turn the transformation flywheel.
Quickly launch and manage complex products with low-code configuration
Streamline end-to-end policy lifecycle management to boost operational efficiency
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