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Technology & Security

Modern Foundation, Flexible Deployment

With the ability to support both cloud and on-premise environments, IXT's cloud-native architecture is fully scalable based on client need. Built with micro-services, it can be easily deployed to different infrastructures.

Modular Design

IXT suite is made for dynamic market changes and business growth. Our modular design empowers clients to easily launch new products and seamlessly scale new services.

Low-Code Configuration

IXT sets our clients on the right path from the get-go by providing solutions that are easy to use. The low-code configuration empowers everyone to become owner of their tasks and workflows, maximizing efficiency and lowering dependency on engineering.

Seamless Integration with Open Architecture

With standard API and open architecture, IXT can easily connect with any core systems and 3rd party applications to enable clients to not only respond to new market opportunities, but also to quickly react to changing needs and environment.

Making Insurance Intelligent

Delivering secure data management while enabling intelligent insights, IXT offers capabilities in data labeling, data visualization and dashboard.

Countless Possibilities

Our powerful product module can support many types of insurance product you have to offer – both today and in the future!
  • Cybersecurity
    IXT provides an embedded cybersecurity solution developed by our independent cybersecurity team to help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • DevSecOps
    By adopting DevSecOps practice, we apply a number of security tools during the software development lifecycle to deliver the highest level of security in each of our releases.
  • Compliance
    To keep up with constantly changing regulations, we ensure our products are built to meet our clients' compliance requirements. Additionally, we are ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified and adopt rigorous information security controls.
  • Data Encryption
    Whether transmitting data or storing information, we encrypt all data in-transit and at-rest with the best-in-class security protocol.
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