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Manage and track marketing campaigns to drive business growth with data collected

Key Benefits
  • Deliver Personalized Outreach
    The flexibility to tailor-make campaigns allows marketers to target specific customer segments and distribution channels to boost conversions.
  • Improve Campaign ROI
    Provide an overview of campaign usage for marketers to track campaign performance and improve marketing ROI.
  • Enhance Ecosystem Partnerships
    Enhance partnerships and boost sales by designing partner marketing programs with customized promotion codes for joint promotions or referrals.
Key Features
  • Customizable Campaign Builder
    Support multiple types of discounts for varying marketing purposes to deliver effective and customized campaigns.
  • Campaign Content Management
    Manage and update campaign-related content on customer interfaces without additional deployments.
  • Flexible Campaign Scheduler
    With just a few clicks, manage the go-live and cut-off times for various campaigns.