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We empower insurers to drive business results – spinning the transformation flywheel towards a breakthrough innovation.

What we deliver
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    Shorten new insurance product launch timelines with efficient product management tools.
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    Significantly speed up insurance operations by leveraging an automated and streamlined workflow.
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    Leverage more than 300 insurance APIs to digitize the ecosystem and open up new opportunities.
Client Reviews
  • Cigna Taiwan selects IXT to empower digital and ecosystem growth
    "We've chosen OneDegree Global as they have a deep understanding of the modern-day consumer's needs. Cigna Taiwan has knowledge of the local insurance market, while OneDegree Global contributes to the partnership its innovative solutions and experiences in other Asian markets."
    Tim Shields

    GM and CEO of Cigna Taiwan

  • First Insurance Chooses IXT to accelerate digital transformation
    “We selected OneDegree Global to be our partner in this digital transformation journey not only because of their proven core insurance solutions, but also because of their team’s experience and dedication in helping clients unlock their potential.”
    Edward Lee

    VP of First Insurance

  • OneDegree Hong Kong selects IXT as end-to-end core platform to empower digital business
    "We have deployed IXT core insurance technology since business launch. Its open and scalable cloud platform supports us to provide breakthrough innovations in products and services, and we have achieved 50x monthly sales growth."
    Alvin Kwock

    GM of OneDegree Hong Kong

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