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Quickly launch and manage complex products with low-code configuration

Key Benefits
  • Enable Product Innovations
    Business people are at the driver's seat to create innovative products and test ideas at low cost using IXT low-code interface and customizable attributes.
  • Centralize Product Information
    A centralized repository provides easy access to view and manage all relevant product components. Track changes through activity logs for a complete product history and discover how products evolve.
  • Accelerate Product Launch
    Configure and launch competitive insurance products within days, quickly capturing emerging needs in the market.
Key Features
  • Customizable APIs
    In addition to out-of-the-box product templates, you can customize tailor-made product attributes into APIs for quotation and underwriting use.
  • Advanced Benefits Configuration
    Support configuration of a variety of multi-layer benefits, coverage and complex payment terms.
  • Robust Rule Engine
    Define customized logics or simply upload rule templates to set up underwriting and pricing rules to speed up transaction processing.
  • Product Innovation Scalability
    Scalability to support new and emerging products with generic product template and attribute library.
  • Product Lifecycle Management
    Set up, launch and iterate product configurations with version control.
  • Internationalization
    The platform is designed to support multi-market, multi-currency, and other localized requirements.