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Making an Impact: OneDegree Group named as Oxbow Partners’ 2021 InsurTech Impact 25

Press Release Mar 24, 2021

We are honored to have been selected as one of Oxbow Partners’ InsurTech Impact 25 companies for 2021.

Since 2018, insurance advisory firm Oxbow Partners has identified solutions that are making positive impact to the insurance industry. The InsurTech Impact 25 are selected based on their traction and potential to accelerate digital transformation for both incumbent insurers and the insurance industry.

According to Oxbow Partners, “It is clear that there is an opportunity for OneDegree to support carriers and distributors in the region, and the virtual insurer strategy provides a helpful demonstration of the potential of the proposition.”

“We are thankful to Oxbow Partners for recognizing the IXT core insurance platform and our contributions to the rapidly evolving insurtech landscape,” said Alex Leung, co-founder of OneDegree Group.

Alvin Kwock, co-founder of OneDegree Group, added “The Oxbow Partners team’s thorough diligence process along with their expert understanding of the insurance industry makes membership of the InsurTech Impact 25 a great validation on the potential of our insurance core system solutions.”

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