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Introducing the new IXT brand identity

Press Release Jul 30, 2021

The new IXT identity and expression stand for the convergence of warmth and human-centric experience and power of technology. The brand concept is derived from the “x”, which represents integration, the coming together of two ideas, and can be manifested as reorganization, fluidity, and fusion.

The visual logo is shaped with curved edges to form I & T, while X is represented by the negative space between the two letters. The visual imbalance creates a sense of fluidity, as well as expressing the concept of using a lever to pivot from the old to the new.  

Figuratively, it is an hourglass, representing a two-way link between insurance and technology, and it can also be a pivot, spinning us away from existing notions of insurance towards endless new possibilities enabled by IXT. 

Digital transformation can be complex, multi-dimensional and subject to uncertainties. By leveraging modern technology and our deep industry expertise, IXT aims to empower insurers to break free from the incumbent boundaries and limitations.

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